Revision/Reflection 5

The Pros And Cons About Vegetarianism

Nowadays, people are concerned about their life and their health more than before. They start to pay attention about their daily life activities such as how many of their steps they walk per day and how much calories they eat per meal. There are many different kinds of people, some of them care about exercising more, but some of them care about what kind of food they eat and how much food should they take per day. For people who pay attention more for their diets, there are many options for them to do research or survey. Some of the options are asking people who already have experience on this, do research on the trustworthy website, and have their own professional trainer. The easiest way is to do research by themselves and these following sentences are some good informations. The facts that organization Health Government website show are ordinary people should at least eat grains, veggies, fruits, dairy, and meats and beans every day. There is the pyramid guide that everyone should know and learn when they were young. Also different kind of foods should be taking in different amount of servings. For example, grains are the most important nutrients, fruits and vegetables are the second most important nutrients, and meats and dairy are the least important nutrients. Therefore, we should have at least grains and vegetables everyday. 


There are some people who are actually vegetarians for many years and some people who support the ideas of being a vegetarian. One of my teacher that I interviewed, she thinks that eating meats is killing animals. That is the most important reason of being a vegetarian. She has been a vegetarian for 19 years already and she does not have any problem on her health. She also thinks that eating veggies makes her pay more attention about her health. “I have been eating vegetables for 19 years and the reasons why I only eat vegetables are because eating meats is like killing animals. Also I think most Americans eat more meats than average and that might hurt your diets. I have dog and cat, so if I eat meats I feel like I kill them, so meats make me feel gross when I think about it. And I like to eat veggies, a lot of beans, lentils, and especially salads! (Because salads have the good market nearby). I feel like I can be healthy without eating meat. (Miss Minahan)”


Recently, more American become a vegetarian especially teens. They pay more attention on vegetarianism. In fact, the rate of vegetarianism is increasing every year. “In 2009, a tiny one percent of the US population reported eating vegetarian or vegan. Now, 5% of the United States population is vegetarian and half of those people are vegan. (therawfoodworld)” Vegetarians who do not eat meats claim that eating vegetables will make you keep healthy and avoid some diseases, keep your weight down, make you live longer, build strong bones, reduce a risk of foodborne illness, reduce pollution, give back the Earth resources, and save money. (Why go veg?) Therefore, there are a lot of good results if you become a vegetarian. Sometimes it makes you look healthier and skinnier. 

On the other hand, there are some people who also think that vegetables are not the only thing that make people healthy and people must have variety of food. One of my teachers thinks that eating meat is good for your health too because it can helps you have more energy to do any kind of activities. She also thinks that people should get all complete nutritions especially the athletes. They need variety of food to help them have more energy and strength to do sport. “Eating meat provides good protein.  As an athlete, protein is very important to refuel the muscles and you don’t get all of the nutrients you need from vegetables alone.  I am not a big fan of nuts (a meatless source of protein) so eating meat is one of my only options.  Plus, I really love the taste of a good steak or hamburger! (Miss Davis)”


Some people have strong mind that eating meats is not a bad thing, they believe that meats are essential resources for people and we all need meats in order to live well. Most athletes also are concerned that meat is the most important thing as long as they eat it properly because it provides a lot of energy for them. For people who have strong mind of eating meat they insist that vegetarianism causes you suffer from B12 vitamin deficiency, vegetarianism also makes you suffer from higher states of anxiety and depression because of the lower sense of well being, vegetarianism also causes a risk of heart disease, and it also makes you have low cholesterol which can cause a damage of the Endocrine system ( very dangerous for pregnant woman). So they think that you should consume appropriate amount of meat! in order to have a healthy life (


Whether you are vegetarian or not you all should care about your health, eat good food, and choose a right food for your body. Vegetarianism might gives you confidence that you consume healthy food and being healthy. Meanwhile, meats are not totally a bad thing or something you should avoid. Meat also gives an amazing taste and provides a lot of proteins, which makes you feel full. Therefore, both are good for your health it just depends on your willingness and your feeling to consume the food. Sometimes you can try to be a vegetarian for a while and if you don’t think it works you can also start to eat meat as well.                



I choose to do reflection on this assignment because I like this assignment the most. It is not that long, but it is very impressive to know about my dorm parents diets. I think it is interesting to do research about people opinion. I like to listen to other opinions, therefore I really like to do this essay. My strength about this essay is my dorm parents’ opinion. I interviewed them and it is very fun and interesting. It is amazing that one of my dorm parents has been a vegetarian for 19 years already. And one of my dorm parents is an athlete, so she loves meat. On the other hand, my weakness about this assignment is the information that I use. I think some of them are too board and too general. And the most important thing during writing my essay is to know my dorm parents’ opinion. I also asked miss brown and I just know that she is a vegetarian too. It is amazing that many of my dorm parents are vegetarian. Sometimes I want to try to be vegetarian, but I love to eat meats. For this assignment, I learn how to organize the paragraph such as information comes first then interview and I learn more about my dorm parents.



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