Revision/Reflection 3

If I were a shark

Have you ever thought of being an animal that you like? Well, I did. I think animals under the ocean are cool and I want to be a shark. I also think that any kind of shark is fine for me because shark is a fierce animal in the ocean world. But if I had a chance to be an animal, I would be a Basking Shark because if I were a Basking Shark, I would swim all day and see other kind of creatures that swim with me. I would have a cool look, I would be a cosmopolitan species, and I would be the second largest fish in existence. I would stay under the deep ocean and be friend with others animals such as smaller animals and weaker animals; I would not hurt them. Also, I would be friend with Nemo and Sea Angel. I would explore the world under the ocean because I want to know how astonishing it is and I would swim to the end of the ocean to challenge myself. The Basking Shark can live in cold as well as warm temperature waters, so if I were a Basking Shark, I would live anywhere I want according to my mood. For example, I could swim to the Pacific Ocean and come back to Arctic Ocean. Since I am a human, I don’t know the feeling of being a shark, to swim underneath the ocean everyday all day; I can’t swim all day because I was born to be a human and I also hated swimming since I was young because of my swimming coach. Therefore, I don’t have a fin to breath under the ocean like a shark and I have never explored the deep big ocean before, which I really want to do that once in my life. If I had a chance to be a Basking shark, I would not kill and eat humans because I want to be a nice and friendly shark. I would be an example of a nice shark and predispose every sharks especially white shark to be affable like me.

Moreover, If I were a Basking shark, I would see so many Deep-Sea Creatures which I never seen before. For instance, I would see the giant Spider Crab which is thought to be the largest arthropod on Earth. I would see the Giant Tube Worms, which are located in the freezing temperature, zero sunlight, and crushing pressure because I could swim as deep as I want. If I were a shark, I would help scientists to discover the mysterious animals under the ocean and I would protect my fish friends. For example, I would tell scientist that they are rare and almost extinct. I would help them to know more about this mysterious world and maybe we would find out the origin of this world.

If I were a shark, I would be so happy to live under the ocean and I would be satisfied because at least I have a life to live in this world. I would be free and I could live independently. I would not have to follow the world rules that make me feel uncomfortable. I would be myself and live on my own style.



I chose to revise this assignment because I wanted to make it perfect. I saw the grade that my teacher gave to me and I satisfied with that, but if it didn’t have any flaw I think it would be better. Every assignment is important to me I put all of my effort on them, but I think this one is one of my favorite. Even though I think it was hard because I am not that creative, but I enjoyed writing it. It stands out from the rest because I used my feeling and my creativity to write it. I did research on some creatures under the ocean and I found out that they are all beautiful and weird. I think the strengths of this assignment are grammar and organization. I was really careful on the present and past unreal conditional. The weakness of this assignment is my vocabularies, I think my vocabulary is too weak and easy. I couldn’t think of any high level vocabulary. Moreover, I didn’t have any particular important thing on this assignment. I felt like I have to pay attention on all of them. I learned that when you are writing something, you have to be in a good mood and happy. Your work will be positive.


One thought on “Revision/Reflection 3

  1. I liked reading about being a shark. It was also intersting to learn new informations of sharks. I also found it interesting hearing your thoughts about sharks. It was good to hear what would you do if you were a shark.


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