Revision/Reflection 2

Coming To The United States

The sound of the airplane landing is getting louder and louder, my ears are hurt and my heart beats so fast. I am a little depressed that my exchange year in the United States is done. It was a great memory I have ever had.  People always say that “Exchange is not a year in a life; it is a life is a year,” and I undoubtedly agree with it because I experienced it by myself. I can’t believe that I am in Thailand and going to see my parents soon. I feel like a year passed so fast like a day. On the other hand, I am blissful that I will see my parents and live in my own house and my own bed.

The past year was the most memorable year of my life. I had so much fun there and I wanted to go back there again. It is worthy that I decided to take a placement test with my best friend to go there and spent a year there. I feel it was the turning point in my life. I had a hard time with my friends in my old high school, we fought on something. Therefore, I decided to go study abroad. I still remember my last day in Thailand. My mom and my sister were crying in the airport because it is the farthest country and the longest period I have been far apart from my family, but I didn’t cry. Instead I was smiling and telling them to not worry about me, I will take care of myself. I was ready for my new adventure. I also remember my first day in America when I just arrived; I was so nervous and jubilant at the same time. I was standing in the line waiting for U.S. Customs to check my passport. Then I started to think what should I do or say to my host parents when I meet them in order to make them have a good first impression of me.

The person who checks my passport asked me while he was checking my passport, “are        you from Thailand?”

I answered simply, “Yes”.

Then he asked, “Have you ever been here before?”

I answered, “No, this is my first time.” Then I smiled to him.

Then he asked, “Is anyone coming with you?”

I said, “I come here alone, so I’m a little nervous.”

Then he looked me and said, “You are a brave girl! I wouldn’t let my kids go far way from the country at this age, your parents must be very proud of you! Good luck!” and handed me back my passport.

At that time, I felt like my brain was full of hodgepodge, everything mix together, I was excited, nervous, happy, and tired. Eventually, I met my host mom outside the airport in the parking lane. When she first saw me, she suddenly came to me and hugged me. I was in a culture shock because in Thailand we don’t hug when we meet new people, we just shake hands or bow to each other.

My most favorite moment in the United States is spending my first Christmas with my host family, I was so excited because this was the first Christmas of my life. I have loved Christmas since I was young; I love the decorations on the streets. Even though my country doesn’t celebrate Christmas, there are some parts in my city that decorate Christmas lights everywhere. However, last year it was the real Christmas celebration for me and it really happened. I was very happy and the feeling was ineffable. A month before Christmas day, My host family and I were preparing and decorating the house; we went outside the house in a cold weather and my host dad grabbed a big Christmas tree in the basement, and I was stunned by its size.

I asked, “Why do you have such a big Christmas tree, where are you going to put it?”

He said, “Inside our house, you will see it is my most favorite corner in the living room, at night you also can see a beautiful Christmas tree from the outside.”

My host mom also took the decorations out from the basement. There were a lot of pretty decorations in her hands and I offered to help her. She told me that she collected some of it since she was teenager which I thought it was cool because I tried to do things like this once, but I failed at the end. She loves to collect christmas stuffs because Christmas is her most favorite holiday. She is a warm and cordial. I love to talk and stay with her, and she likes to take care of people especially her family. I was most moved by the way she always included me to be a part of her family. Every time when we have a party, she always take me with her and I felt included. I am very thankful and love her. After we finished decorating, we just took a tons of picture together and they were so beautiful and memorable. Moreover, on the Christmas eve’s dinner every family member came to my host family’s house and we all ate dinner together. I was so elated; they all love me like a part of their family and it was one of the most memorable time for me and it is the great dinner ever. I tried a lot of new food and I loved every food that they made, especially the mushroom stuff from my host mom’s sister. We talked about dogs, exchanged some of each other’s cultures, and I taught them how to fold the paper in many shapes. Then we watched a movie together, and played games together. One of the game that we played is very humorous. We have to draw a picture and make others guess what it is and I was too bad at drawing and guessing the vocab. My host dad also bad at drawing too. Therefore, we lost all the time.

After they all left, I went back to my bedroom, I was sitting on the chair and realizing how lucky I am to be here with my lovely host family, I love them and they love me. I got an opportunity to have the great experiences with the real American family. I spent my first Christmas in the states, which will be only once in my life, the real Christmas. I realized that this is real family because they are simple. They don’t have to go to the fancy restaurant and celebrate there, just stay in home altogether. I felt so warm and happy and it will be in my memory forever. I can feel that happiness is when family stay together at home joyfully. I fell in love with Christmas and I wanted to travel around the world and explore another culture how they celebrate Christmas. It would be great, if I had a chance to do that when I get older. I will collect every memory in different places in my photo book.


The reason that I chose to write this topic was because I love Christmas, I love to see snow falling down. When I was in Thailand, I was daydreaming that if someday I can sit next to the window and watch the snow falling down. Finally, it happened to me; I came to America and stayed with my host family for a whole year. This event was really important to me because it happened only once in my life. Also, my dream became true. The strength of this assignment was I could tell my story and made the readers felt like they were also in the event with me. I can expressed my feeling like how delight I was. I felt like I don’t have any weakness in this assignment because I used to like to write a diary. I changed some sentences to make them more understanding. While I was writing this assignment, I also missed them. I missed the old time with my host family and I planned that some day I will go back to visit them. I learned that I was so brave at that time because I was only 15, but I traveled so far from home. I didn’t stay with my family for a whole year and I did everything by myself. I also learned that I have to rely on myself and help myself, no one can stay with me and help me forever.


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